2018 Caucus Information

Save the Date: March 6,   7-9 PM
for the La Plata County Democratic Caucus.

  • WHAT: All La Plata County democrats are encouraged to come out to our Caucus. A link to this year’s CAUCUS LOCATIONS by Precinct is included below. It is followed by a link to the county’s new Precincts map.

    PLEASE NOTE: This may NOT be the same location as in 2016. So please:  CLICK HERE   to find the Caucus Location for your Precinct.


  • Speak up for local Democratic candidates:
  • County Commissioner: Clyde Church
  • County Sheriff: Sean Smith
  • County Treasurer: Allison Aichele, Tim Walsworth
  • Support Barbara McLachlan for State Representative Colorado House District 59
  • US House District 3:
    • Diane Mitsch Bush
    • Karl Hanlon
    • Arn Menconi
    • Root Rooutledge
  • Vote for your preferred candidate for Governor.
  • Talk with fellow Dems in your precinct in support of the State Democratic Candidates
  • Elect precinct captains for the upcoming elections
  • Elect delegates to attend the County Assembly on March 17 at Ft Lewis College
  • Make resolutions to submit to the County Assembly

Key Dates:

  • Tuesday March 6, 7:00PM 2018
  • Saturday March 17, 2018 8:30 AM
    • County Assembly
    • Location: 130 Noble Hall, Ft. Lewis College
  • April 7, 2018 midday
    • House District 59 Assembly and Sixth Senatorial District Assembly
    • Location: San Juan County Courthouse
  • April 13, 2018, late afternoon
    • Congressional District 3 Assembly
    • Location: TBD, near Bank One Center,Broomfield
  • Saturday April 14, 2018
    • Colorado Dems State Assembly
    • Location: Bank One Center, Broomfield

To learn more about the Colorado Democratic Caucus,

To find out what Precinct you are in:

From Secretary of State Website

From the County Clerk’s Map:  CLICK HERE 

La Plata County Democratic Party

P.O. Box 3147

Durango, CO 81302