La Plata County Democratic Party Executive Committee

Mailing Address

La Plata County Democratic Party

PO Box 3147

Durango, 81302

Dem Headquarters

107 W. 19th St, Suite 7,
Durango, CO 81301

Email Addresses

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The Executive Committee meets the 1st Monday of each month at 6 pm, unless it’s a major holiday.
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Herb Bowman

Chairs major meetings, interacts with regional and state parties, serves as liaison with media, participates in standing committees, fundraisers, etc. Votes only to break a tie. Represents La Plata County Dems on State Party Central Committee & Executive Committee.

Related Standing Committees: All

1st Vice Chair
of Training, Recruiting, & Public Education

Katie Stewart McVeigh


Responsible for the recruitment, management, and training of precinct people and volunteers. Represents La Plata to State Party Central Committee & Executive Committee.

Related Standing Committees: Precinct & Caucus Training

2nd Vice Chair
of Events & Fundraising
Marcia SabetiResponsible for management, planning and implementation of all non-mandated functions including annual fundraising and events

Related Standing Committees: Events & Fundraising

3rd Vice Chair of Communications, Social Media

Anne Markward

Responsible for all public relations, marketing, media, advertising.

Related Standing Committees: Communications & Social Media


Jean Walter

Minutes of all meetings, Membership Lists, records and rolls.

Mary Moorehead

Custody of all funds, responsible for financial reporting to Committee and State entities
At Large Members (8)

 Tiare Flora, Eddie Cheung, Teal Lehto, Susan Hakanson, Karen Pontius, Guinn Unger, Lexi Miller, Maya Kane, Lisa Weber, Becca Conrad Whitehead

Lead or serve on at least one Standing Committee, help with all fundraisers and social events, participate in EC decision-making process and other EC work.
Young Democrat

Olivia Thomas

Appointed by the Chair, YD serves as liaison with under-35 year-old population of County and identifies issues and messaging of particular concern/resonance with them.

Related Standing Committees: Outreach & Education, Voter Regis.

Ex Officio

Carol Cure

Roberts Rules of Order and Institutional Memory