Help Wanted!

Standing CommitteesDuties
Precinct & Volunteer Org

Katie Stewart McVeigh, lead

Annual review and recruitment of new Precinct Organizers. Encourage precinct-level neighborhood parties. Reserve caucus locations and train new PCs in caucusing. Keep up to date precinct level call lists of volunteers, including consistent contact with them, to help with canvassing and texting to voters.

Wanted: Ideas of great captains! Homes for “neighborhood” parties, trainers for caucuses, organizers for caucuses, assemblies, etc.

Events & Fundraising

Marcia Sabeti, lead

Eddie Cheung


Plan and implement fundraising strategies and maintain invitation database, organize various annual events such as Roosevelts PICNIC, Artists for Change, Wine, Women & Politics, Club Holiday Party, parades, County Fair, etc

2021: Create ideas for online events and fundraising during social distancing. For in-person events, all EC members should help with ONE or MORE of the above events AND make contributions to at least one event or more of cash, food, goods, or services.

Communications & Social Media

Anne Markward, lead
Teal Lehto

Regularly update Dem website, newsletter, social media, as well as print and radio during campaign.

Wanted: Rapid Response team with strong media and internet skills.

Candidate Recruitment

Carol Cure, lead

Ken Francis, Kathleen Adams

Recruit candidates, determine level of qualification, create plan to assist candidates w/ campaigns, distribute information on their behalf.

Wanted: Ideas of ideal candidates! Volunteers who have worked with candidates to help new candidates prepare and execute successful campaigns. 

Outreach – Community Relations & Education

Teal Lehto, lead


Welcome Group Marcia Sabeti, lead




Create calendar of community events, develop and implement plan for community education and engagement.



Reach out to newly registered voters to welcome them to La Plata!



“The Club”

Guinn Unger

Plan and execute monthly lunches with topical speakers to promote active awareness of and commitment to local issues and candidates.

Wanted: Help with speaker lineup, luncheon details, AV, etc.


Carol Cure, Jean Walter

Review Strategic Plan, Bylaws, and governance annually and suggest revisions.

Wanted: Minor help needed; suggestions always welcome!

Voter Registration

Becca Conrad Whitehead, lead

Develop calendar for contacting new voters: Cinco de Mayo, Farmers Market, locals’ events in Durango, Ignacio, Bayfield. Schedule strong on-campus presence for 2020. Plan volunteer appreciation events.

Wanted: Outgoing volunteers with necessary internet skills to engage with new voters quickly.