We have a busy – and confusing – presidential election year coming up! Colorado decided to hold Presidential Primaries, rather than caucuses, so that unaffiliated voters could participate AND so that Colorado would be early enough in the decision-making season to have more influence. However (weirdly), there will still be caucuses for non-Presidential candidates – like for Colorado’s US Senate seat –  AND a run off primary for non-Presidential candidates as well.

Don’t worry, everyone’s confused. Look at this way: YOU really DO get to vote more than just one time!

February 14 – Last day to affiliate or change affiliation to a major party if you wish to caucus on March 7.

February 24 – Last day to register to get a mail in ballot.

You can register AND vote in person up to and on election day, March 3!

March 3 – Presidential Primary Ballots DUE

All registered Dem, Rep, and UAF (Unaffiliated) voters will receive a presidential primary ballot. Democrats will receive one for Dem nominees; Unaffiliated voters will receive two (D and R) but may vote only one.

March 7 – Caucus – Meet your neighbors! 2 pm.

  • Precinct Map here.
  • Caucus locations here.
  • All Caucuses will begin at 2 pm on Saturday, March 7.
  • The caucus will focus entirely on US Senate (Dems vying for Cory Gardner’s seat!)
    • Choose delegates from your caucus to move on to County Assembly and State Assembly.
    • Note who your delegate also supports for CD 03 candidate – Scott Tipton’s seat. Diane Mitsch Bush?  James Iacino?  Root Routledge?
      • Be strategic in choosing delegates to also support that CD3 choice!
  • 200 caucus attendees will become delegates to County Assembly.

March 28 – La Plata County Assembly

  • Location: 130 Noble Hall, FLC
  • Time: 9 am – noon
  • 47 delegates from County will continue to District and State Assembly

April 17 – CD3 District Assembly – choose the Dem to go against Scott Tipton!

April 18 – State Assembly – choose the Dem to go against Cory Gardner!

May 2 – LPEA Election BALLOTS DUE

June 8 – Non-presidential Primary Ballots Mailed

June 30 – Primary for non-Presidential candidates still under consideration: US Senate, US House

October 9 – Ballots MAILED


Full, official Calendar here.