La Plata Board of County Commissioners

The Office of County Commissioners

La Plata County Commissioners Meeting and Events

Main Office: 970-382-6219

Current County Commissioners:

District Attorney, 6th Judicial District

The Colorado Sixth Judicial District covers Archuleta, La Plata and San Juan Counties.

Main Office: 970-247-8850

Christian Champagne (D)

County Sheriff

County Sheriff Website

Main Office: 970-247-1157

Sean Smith (D), Sheriff

County Assessor

County Assessor Web Site

La Plata County Property Database. Great for researching county property with links to photos, laws, forms needed for taxation, and accessing the actual assessor database.

Main Office: 970-382-6221

Carrie Woodson, Assessor

County Treasurer

County Treasurer Website

Main Office: 970-382-6350

Allison Aichele (D), Treasurer

County Clerk & Recorder

Web Site: County Clerk & Recorder Website


Elections Info


Tiffany Lee Parker (R), Clerk


County Surveyor

County Surveyor Web Site

Steve McCormack