2022 Elections
Saturday, March 5, 10 a.m.
  • If in person: Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall, except Precinct 11 (so far).

  • If not in person: Via Zoom

Business to be conducted: 

  • Elect Precinct Organizers (was Precinct Captain or Precinct Committeeperson). You do not need to be present to be elected as a Precinct Organizer.

  • Sign up to be considered as an Election Judge for Primary and General elections.

  • Consider resolutions for State Democratic platform*.

    • ​*If you have a resolution you wish to see passed to be part of the Democratic Platform, please submit a typed copy to the leader and attendees of your precinct caucus. 

  • Elect delegates to the County Assembly. You must be present at the caucus to be elected to the Assembly that afternoon.


Saturday, March 5, 1 p.m.
  • If in person: Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall

  • If not in person: Via Zoom

    • Must have been elected a delegate by your precinct caucus to vote in Assembly!​


Business to be conducted: 

  • Elect candidates to County primary ballot (Commissioner, other County offices)

  • Elect delegates to CD 3 Assembly

  • Elect delegates to State Assembly

  • Pass resolutions for State consideration.


Please note: 

  • Feb 7 Last day to affiliate with the Republican Party or Democratic Party in order to vote in the March Party Precinct Caucuses. 

  • Feb 11 Last day to update your voter registration address to participate in March Caucuses. 

    • Contact the County Clerk, 970-382-6296, to confirm registration, or visit GoVoteColorado.com. Find your precinct here


  • If you are pre-registered to vote (aged 16 or 17), you may attend, vote, and run for subsequent assemblies.


Subsequent Assemblies:
  • April 8 - Congressional District 3

  • April 9 - State Assembly


State Primary Election: 
  • June 28 (ballots mail June 6).

    • Candidates on ballot: US Senate (Bennet), CO Gov (Polis), CO SOS (Griswold), CO AG (Weiser), CO Treasurer (Young), CD 03 (tbd), CO House 59th (McLachlan)​, and others.

    • Democrats will receive a Dem ballot.

    • Unaffiliated voters will receive either a Dem or Republican ballot and should vote ONE of those slates.

General Election 2022:
  • October 17 - Ballots mail 

  • October 24 - Ballot drop off boxes and some polling centers open

  • November 8 - Election Day

For the full election calendar, please visit this link.