It’s Time to WIN 2020 –
How do YOU Want to Help?


Volunteer virtually [mostly] from your home: safely, efficiently. Either sign up with one of the campaigns (below), or email us and we’ll connect you to projects you’ll enjoy. Or, of course, fill out the contact form below.

CALL or TEXT for ALL candidates – we’re cleaning our database and getting a sense of where voters’ hearts are this season. We need HELP!

CALL or TEXT for candidates of your choice – just fill out the form and we’ll connect you to the tasks and campaigns you want.

WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR for any of them, or against current GOP tactics –,

Put up YARD SIGNS – contact the campaigns at addresses above.

HELP US – email us to find out more:

  • blanket the county this October with a Literature Distribution project (instead of canvassing)
  • do Voter Registration
  • do data entry
  • write Postcards!
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