Knowing which precinct you are in is especially important to know where to caucus on Saturday, March 7, 2020.

To determine what precinct you are in, try one of these:

  • Check the most recent map.
  • Check with This is the official CO Secretary of State (SOS) site.
    • Begin by entering your name and birthdate.
    • You will be taken to a page that offers your details, Ballot Info, and County and District Info.
    • Immediately after the section titled District Info, you’ll see your Precinct number. Your actual precinct is the late 2 digits of that long number. ie, Precinct 3065934003 – you live in precinct 03 here in La Plata County.
  • Click here to EMAIL US, we will look it up!
  • Call the La Plata County Clerk at: 970-382-6296

Once you know your Precinct, here are the caucus locations.

All Caucuses begin at 2 pm on Saturday, March 7. Remember, this caucus will determine Democratic choices for US Senate – the five candidates to be considered are here. Delegates from each precinct will then go to the County Assembly on March 28 to continue the process.


1  Park Elementary 

2  Durango Library

3  County Fairgrounds Pine Room

4  Needham Elementary Library

5  Unitarian Universalist Church Bowman Hall

Needham Elementary Library

7  Durango Library

8  Riverview Elementary Library

9  Durango Library

10  Edgemont Club House

11  Marvel Methodist Church

12  Animas Grange

13  Riverview Elementary Reading Room

14  Riverview Elementary Library

15  275 Little Valley Road-Vallecito

16  Bayfield Middle School Library

17  Animas Elementary Library

18  Florida Mesa Elementary Library

19  Bayfield Town Hall Meeting Room

20  Bayfield Town Hall Meeting Room

21  Sunnyside Elementary Library

22  Florida Mesa Elementary Library

23  Ignacio Town Hall Community Room

24  Ignacio Town Hall Community Room

25  Ignacio Town Hall Community Room

26  Bayfield Middle School Gym

27  Park Elementary 

28  CDOT Training Room

29  CDOT Training Room

30  Fort Lewis College Noble Hall 130

31  Florida Mesa Elementary Gymnasium

32  Florida Mesa Elementary Gymnasium