What Precinct am I In?

To determine what precinct you are in try one of these:

  • Check the map below.
  • Colorado Voter Search on the CO Secretary of State (SOS) site.(After you enter your info, buried down in all the returned data will be a long precinct number of which the last two digits gives the local precinct. 3065934013 would mean you are in precinct 13. It is not the Durango City Precinct number.
  • Click here to EMAIL US we will look it up:
  • Call the La Plata County Clerk at: 970-382-6296
  • Email the La Plata County Clerk at: ELECTIONS@co.laplata.co.us.org

Precinct Map

Click HERE to see the updated Precincts Map, on the County Clerk’s Website  which includes ALL of the new Precinct boundaries.