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2022 Ballot

Democrats have an amazing slate of respected, known candidates in 2022.

EVERY one of these races is important to your life - vote the full ticket!


Senator Michael Bennet

Adam Frisch, House of Reps - CD 3*



Governor Jared Polis and Lt Gov Dianne Primavera

Secretary of State Jena Griswold

Treasurer Dave Young

Attorney General Phil Weiser

Kathy Plomer, Board of Education*

CO House 59th (Colorado state legislature)

Representative Barbara McLachlan

La Plata County

BoCC-Polis-Electeds 052422.jpeg

The two red, starred candidates* are newcomers,
and we need them to win!

Adam Frisch is within TWO POINTS of Lauren Boebert! Let's all help him WIN.

Kathy Plomer is highly qualified for CO Board of Education, having served on different education / school boards already. This role is the swing vote on the BOE, and will decide how to allocate money and resources to public education in CO ... or whether to privatize public education. Also decides whether HISTORY will be taught. Link here. 

Ballot Issues - So many to read and think about!

Good resources out there to read up: ​

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