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Choose your new team

Every two years, we have the opportunity to re-set – re-organize – not only La Plata county, but also multi-county districts (HD 59, SD6, Judicial 6, CD3) and state level committees.


For La Plata, that process will begin on February 11. While only elected La Plata officials, Executive Committee members, and Precinct Organizers can vote on the officer slate, any registered Democrat (YOU?) can run to be on the Executive Committee.


We’d love your input and participation! Frustrated with how the local (or district, or state) has run elections? Think we can do better with communications, or outreach, or fundraising, or local involvement with community efforts?  VOLUNTEER to help us change! We truly welcome your ideas and energy.


There are many different levels of involvement and many different committees to participate on. Please, join us! Send us an email with your interests, your reasons for interest, and any past relevant experience you have to the task.


La Plata County:

  • Chair.

    • Current: Anne Markward.  Proposed: Anne or other.

  • 1st Vice Chair – Volunteer Recruitment and Engagement.

    • Current: Jean Walter. Proposed: Kirby MacLaurin

  • 2nd Vice Chair – Fundraising and Events. 

    • Current: Marcia Sabeti.  Proposed:  ???

  • Secretary.

    • Current: Lisa Weber.  Proposed: Lisa Weber

  • Treasurer.

    • Current: Guinn Unger.  Proposed: Guinn Unger

  • Executive Committee members and roles. These members can be appointed by the Chair independent of the official “ReOrg” discussed here. But this is what we envision for our EC members in 2023 and 2024:

    • Events. Fundraising is key for us to continue to win, but there’s so much more – so many opportunities to educate the public at free events about who our candidates and elected officials are. Forums, rallies, parades, the county fair, picnics, etc – help us put on great events!

    • Communications. We want to put a team of creative people together to keep the website updated, send out 1-2 newsletters each month, and keep a presence on different social media platforms – FB, TW, IG, and new ones.

    • Community Volunteerism. We want to live our own Democratic ideals, particularly in 2023, a non-election year. That is, we want to engage with all sorts of already established local volunteer efforts as Democrats so that we better understand the needs and drivers of our local community and we are seen supporting them.

    • Outreach. 

      • Welcome newcomers to La Plata for both voting and volunteering. Deep listening to understand why they moved here, and what future they want here.

      • Outreach also to LPC communities (young voters, LBGTQ, POC, Berners) to understand their motivators, concerns, and how to gain their support going forward. 

We'll also elect additional representatives to serve on the central committees of the CDP, and of all multi-county districts to which La Plata County belongs, as permitted by the CDP Central Committee Composition ChartThe Chair, Vice-Chair, and sometimes the Secretary are automatic members on some district central committees, provided they live within that district. If they don't live in that district, residents of that district will be appointed by the Chair, after county Reorg. These are our allocations:​

  • CD3 ReOrg - Sat, Mar 4, 2 pm - ZOOM. Chair & 1st VC + 4 bonus members

  • CO SD 6 - Sun, Mar 5, 1 pm - ZOOM.  Chair, 1st VC, & Secretary + 4 bonus member

  • CO Jud D 6 - Sat, Mar 11,  3 pm - ZOOM.Chair, 1st VC, + 4 bonus members

  • CO HD 59 - Sun, Mar 26, 3 pm - ZOOM.  Chair, 1st VC, & Secretary + 9 bonus members

  • CDP Central Committee - Sat April 1 - IN PERSON, DENVER. Chair & 1st VC + 4 bonus members. Elect our new CDP Chair and determine our path for the next 2-4 years.

    • Attend the Obama Gala!​

  • State Executive Committee - Chair & 1st VC  + 2 bonus members 

  • State Platform Committee - 1 member


If you're elected as a representative for one of these districts you'll receive an official Call at least 10 days prior to the district Reorg meeting. At these meetings a Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary will be elected and you may run for these positions regardless of whether or not you're a central committee member of that district. If you're interested in running for an officer position in these districts, email us to request the email address of the district Chair. 

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